Digioptima and DOBOT strategic meeting

The main objective of this strategic meeting was to strengthen DOBOT's representation in the Baltic nations.

Strategic Alliance Unveils Cutting-Edge Robotics Potential in Baltic Markets

After an important meeting between Edvinas Dubinskas, the representative of Digioptima, and Alex Chen, the distinguished CEE+MEA Regional Head of DOBOT, promising opportunities and partnerships have been revealed to further propel the field of robotics in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

The main objective of this strategic meeting was to strengthen DOBOT’s representation in the Baltic nations, indicating a joint effort to expand the usage of advanced robotics in these growing markets.

Central to the discussions were the revolutionary CRA solutions designed for industrial robot models boasting lifting capacities of 16 and 20 kilograms. These innovative solutions promise to redefine industrial processes, infusing efficiency and versatility into manufacturing operations within the region.

The dialogue also delved into the exploration of new horizons by harnessing the potential of robots equipped with image recognition functions. This discussion paved the way for envisioning applications that hinge on precision, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology in various industries.

During the meeting, there was a discussion about using new educational robots that have six degrees of freedom. These robots are seen as great tools for learning and improving skills. They are expected to play a major role in shaping the future generation’s talent in the field of robotics.

DOBOT presented new modules designed for hands-on training with 6-degree-of-freedom rotary arms. These modules, which were developed for the collaborative robot framework, aim to provide practical experience for a better understanding of robotic applications.

During their meeting, Digioptima and DOBOT had the opportunity to visit JSC Baltec CNC Technologies, one of their esteemed clients.

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