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For orders with delivery service, the delivery of goods is carried out by courier services to the buyer’s specified address.
Delivery terms for goods depend on the type of product and its composition:
– Standard (non-changeable composition at the buyer’s request) goods available in the manufacturer’s warehouse are delivered within 1-2 weeks from order confirmation.
– Non-standard (manufacturer’s chosen composition) goods are delivered within 3-6 months from order confirmation.
– Educational and industrial robots are delivered within 2-4 weeks from order confirmation.
– Other non-standard equipment within 6 months.
DDP terms apply to the delivery of goods.
Delivery times may vary due to holidays in the buyer’s or manufacturer’s country.

FREE Pickup at Our Company

Ordered goods from MB Digioptima must be picked up within 7 working days after our confirmation.
• Come to pick up the goods only after receiving a notification via SMS and/or email that your product is ready for pickup.
• Please pay attention to the dimensions, weight, and required conditions for transporting the ordered product.
• Please note that when picking up the product from our company, you must arrange for its transportation to your vehicle. Our on-site employees do not handle loading.
Address: Raudondvario pl.148, 47175 Kaunas
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• Working hours:
Weekdays: 09:00 – 17:00
Saturday, Sunday: –

Home Delivery
Order Delivery
• We will deliver the products to your specified address throughout Lithuania.
• After handing over the products to the courier/transport company, we will inform you via SMS and email.

Stripe is an online payment processing platform that supports various business models such as e-commerce, subscriptions, SaaS, and marketplaces. This platform allows you to accept online payments and automate financial processes.

– Credit Card or Apple Pay
Pay online with MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron payment cards.

• For your convenience, we offer payment by credit card or Apple Pay.
• By choosing this payment method, you will pay for your order immediately, and the payment amount will be deducted directly from your card.
If you are purchasing from a device that supports Apple Pay, you will select the payment method after reviewing your order: credit card or Apple Pay. By choosing Apple Pay, you will perform identification and confirm the payment.
If you are purchasing from a device that does not support Apple Pay or if you choose payment by card, you will need to enter your card details after reviewing your order.
IMPORTANT! Card payments are only processed if the bank that issued your card participates in secure online payments programs (MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa). After entering your card details, you may be redirected to your card-issuing bank’s page for additional information required for identity verification. If the payment is not confirmed, please contact your card-issuing bank or choose another payment method.
Bank Transfer
Pay by bank transfer.

• By choosing this payment method, transfer the money to MB Digioptima’s account in the usual way.
• Please note that in the payment purpose field, you must specify the order number.
Account details:
Recipient: MB Digioptima
IBAN: LT314010051005177213
Bank: Luminor Bank AS
Company code: 305344912
Payment purpose: please specify the order number

Returns and Warranty Service

Legal entities are subject to a 12-month warranty period (or the manufacturer’s specified warranty period) or no warranty at all.
Other goods are subject to the standard 14-day warranty period.
In the case of non-warranty service, the buyer covers all transportation-related expenses.

When returning quality, unused goods with a purchase term not exceeding 14 days, the following conditions must be observed:
• The returned product must be in its original undamaged packaging;
• The product must be unused and undamaged by the buyer, with no soldering marks;
• The product must retain its original appearance (undamaged labels, unpeeled protective films, etc.). This point does not apply to returning a defective product;
• The returned product must have the same set of components as received by the buyer;
• When returning the product, the purchase document, warranty card (if issued), and a return form must be provided.
More information

We recommend contacting the responsible employee of MB Digioptima via email: or by phone: +370 658 78785 regarding the return of goods.
The buyer must deliver the returned goods to the address:

Digioptima, MB
Address: Raudondvario pl.148,
LT-47175 Kaunas, Lithuania
Mobile phone number: +370 658 78785