Robocell is an affordable and user-friendly robotized workplace for CNC milling machines. The safest, reliable, and compact solution for small and medium batch production.

Package components:

• Robotic arm HAN’S robot Elfin 10

• Robotic arm module with workpiece matrix
• Adjustment set

2 variants available:
Robot manipulator with robotic arm module with 1 workpiece matrix (15 places), assembling sides (L, R)
Robot manipulator with robotic arm module with 3 workpiece matrixes (40 places), assembling sides (L, R)


• Easy installation

• Quick setup (program preparation for new workpiece in just 15 min.)

• No robot programming knowledge required

• Graphical programming

• Creation of the process based on predefined program modules
• Flexible gripper system for workpieces up to 8 kg and 100x100x100 mm
• Various clamping positions in the machine possible
• User-friendly collaborative performance
• Easy to operate
• Long autonomous work time without supervision
• Changeable workpiece matrix for different parts size
• Prepared for work with the software package SIEMENS Sinumeric 828D
• Compatible with several machines - movable module

• Integration with a real-time monitoring system is possible for optimal workflow

Advantages of digiOPTIMA Robocell:

• Allows increasing the efficiency of production processes with the same number of employees

• Saves time and reduces production costs (less downtime)

• Addressing the skilled labor shortage problem

• Exploited night work without an operator

• Allows reducing the influence of the human factor, greater accuracy and reliability

• Easier production planning due to the mobility of the robot (easy to move to work with other equipment)

• Improving working conditions (easier work for the operator, higher motivation, cleanliness and working conditions)

• Best ergonomics and accessibility to the work area and control cabinet thanks to sideloading

• Multijob function: different parts on the workpiece tray
• Retrofittable (connection possible to existing CNC machines)
• On request can be offered for turning machine and with other HAN’S Elfin robotic