VX500 Smart Camera

VX500 Smart Camera

Short description

Grabs More Accurately

5-megapixel camera and LED light source with Dobot self-developed 2.5D spatial compensation technology can achieve ±0.26 mm positioning accuracy for a variety of applications. This includes grabbing slanted surfaces on objects, assembly for fixed positions and AMMR robot transportation, loading and unloading scenarios and more. The VX500 Smart Camera works with visualizable operation software, saves the hassle of development while being easy to deploy.

Repeatability ±12.4 mm

Check the description below for full specifications.


Sensor TypePixel Size Sensor Size ResolutionPixel Format Color Lens Connector Focal Length Light Source
CMOS, global shutter3.2 µm × 3.2 µm1/1.7"2368 × 1760Mono 8Black & whiteM12 mount, mechanical focusing12.4 mm14 LED: White


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