Surface grinding machine OPTIgrind GT 30


Surface grinding machine OPTIgrind GT 30


Short description

  • Electromagnetic clamping plate for fixing the workpiece with automatic demagnetization function
  • High-quality spindle with precision taper roller bearings
  • Hardened and ground table guideways
  • Turcite-B-coated counter-guides for high wear resistance and low friction
  • Grinding spindle with high-quality precision bearings
  • Grinding wheel can be resharpened directly on the machine using a puller device
  • Digital position indicator
  • Machine base made of stable, torsion-resistant cast iron for maximum rigidity and stability
  • Guideways of the longitudinal and transverse grinding wheels, Lateral and vertical movements are backlash-free and self-centering as V- and flat track design
  • Precision ball screws
  • Guideways and transport spindle with central lubrication
  • All flat tracks are finely scraped and thus guarantee highest precision of all manual movements
  • Safety electrical system in 24 V direct voltage
  • Largely dimensioned decoupled handwheels in all three axes
  • Hydraulic lines according to DIN EN 853
  • Grinding accuracy: 0.005 mm
  • Corundum grinding wheel grain 46 for all common steels
  • Swivelling control panel, that makes work considerably easier
  • Twin-channel safety electronics
  • Sanding table splash guard
  • Coolant tank capacity 100 liters
  • Digitally controlled automatic vertical feed with servo motor
  • Complex hydraulic system with heat exchanger ensures smooth table reversal even with high table loads
  • EMV-Filter class
  • With IE3 motor – consumes considerably less energy and therefore significant cost savings

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Dimensions and weights
Length approx. 3200 mm
Width/depth approx. 2200 mm
Height approx. 2100 mm
Weight approx. 3000 kg
Electrical Data
Total rated value 6.5 kW
Supply voltage 400 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Grinding wheel(s)
External diameter 350 mm
Width 40 mm
Drill hole 127 mm
Peripheral speed 27 m/s
Speed 1450 min¯¹
True running accuracy 0.005 mm
Surface grinding table
Clamping surface length 300 mm
Clamping surface width 600 mm
X axis
Travel speed 5 – 25 m/min


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