Real-time production monitoring system

Real-time production monitoring system

Short description

DIGIOPTIMA is an everyday tool for all in-house participants in the manufacturing chain in the factory. It’s a
necessity within an everyday growing competition and ensures smooth manufacturing operations.
Our OEE software solution provides real-time information about the production process and collects data from your
CNC machines.

Advantages of production monitoring system digiOPTIMA:

• Ability to see workplace efficiency in real-time
• Ability to store production process data to your database
• Ability to see and compare production parameters in real-time
• Ability to follow orders process and state in real-time
• Ability to monitor every individual machine state
• Ability to see if there were any accidents with the machine
• Get instant feedback on critical machinery and production environment parameters (parts created,
production time, downtime, scraps, rejects, etc.) and if they are within specified limits
• Identify and schedule optimal machinery maintenance to avoid tool breaks and underperforming parts
• Get deep insights into the production process, resources flow, occurring obstacles, production
bottlenecks, etc.
• Improve overall productivity, efficiency and quality using facts-based data from the production

Check the description for more details.

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Hardware components for workshop status monitoring
DIGIOPTIMA uses a set of devices to provide data about the production process and environment. These small
Modbus (RTU) devices are highly versatile with the following inputs that can be captured:
• Any analog signal
• Temperature
• Vibrations
• Energy consumption
• Crash indication / power usage
• User input from set of options on specific events

• Workplace login / logout
• And many more that are available upon request


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