Dobot Magician


Dobot Magician


Short description

Desktop Grade Robot For Advanced Education

The Magician is the world’s first desktop grade 4-axis robot. It can perform a wide range of tasks such as 3D printing, laser graving, calligraphy and drawing. 13 interface ports are available to support secondary developement, lab projects and robotics curricula.

Studies such as robotic systems, the DH convention, control of robot movement and robot programming can be taught to different levels of students. A variety of application scenarios can be developed through the use of programming software and hardware accessories.

Check the description below for full specifications.



Number of AxisPayloadMax. ReachRepeatabilityCommunicationPower Supply Power InConsumptionWorking Temperature
4500 g320 mm±0.2 mmUSB / Wi-Fi* / Bluetooth*100V - 240V, 50/60 HZ12V / 6.5A DC78W Max-10° - 60° C

Axis Movement

Joint 1 baseJoint 2 rear armJoint 3 forearmJoint 4 rotation servo
Range -120° ~+120°
Max Speed (250 g workload) 320° / s
Range -5°~+90°
Max Speed (250 g workload) 320° / s
Range -15°~+90°
Max Speed (250 g workload) 320° / s
Range -140°~+140°
Max Speed (250 g workload) 420° / s


Net Weight Gross weight ( Standard Version)Gross weight ( Education Version)Base Dimension(Footprint)MaterialsControllerRobot MountingPacking Size (L × W × H)
3.4 KG7.2 KG8.0 KG158 mm × 158 mmAluminum Alloy 6061, ABS Engineering PlasticDobot Integrated ControllerDesktop421 mm x 334 mm x 352 mm


SoftwareSDK ( Software Develop Kit ) Extensible I/O Interfaces
DobotLab, DobotStudio, Repetier Host, GrblController3.6, DobotBlockly (Visual Programing editor)Communication Protocol, Dobot Program LibraryExtensible I/O Interfaces
  1. I/O × 10 (Configurable as Analog Input or PWM Output)
  2. Controllable 12V Power output × 4
  3. Communication Interface (UART, Reset, Stop, 12V, 5V and two I/O included)
  4. Stepper x 2


3D Printer Kit Laser * Pen Holder Vacuum Suction Cup Gripper
Maximum Print Size (L × W × H) 150 mm ×150 mm × 150 mm
3D printing material PLA
Resolution 0.1 mm
Power Consumption 500 mw
Type 405 nm ( Blue laser )
Power 12V , TTL trigger ( With PWM Driver )
Pen Diameter 10 mmSuction Cup Diameter 20 mm
Pressure -35 Kpa
Range 27.5 mm
Drive Type Pneumatic
Force 8 N

Plan & Shipping list

Iterms marked with are optional kits, not inclueded in default package.


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