Dobot Magician Lite


Dobot Magician Lite


Short description

Desktop Grade Robot For K12 Education

The Magician Lite is a multi-functional lightweight intelligent robotic arm made for K12 education. Students can interact with the Magician Lite using software, hardware and expansion interfaces to maximize their creative freedom. Through the process of buidling and playing, they can learn how AI and robots work. They will also be introduced to the world of robotics and how robots can be applied in the real world.

Check the description below for full specifications.


DOBOT Magician Lite

Degree of Freedom Maximum Load Max Reach RepeatabilityVoltage Power Input Working Environment PowerCommunicationSoftwareWeightRear Arm / Forearm Base Size
4250 g340 mm±0.2 mm100V - 240V AC,50/60 Hz12V ~ 5A DC-5° ~ 45° C60W MaxUSB Virtual Serial Port / Serial PortDobotStudio/DobotLab2.4 KG150 mm146 mm x 146 mm

Magic Box

MCUMain Frequency Voltage Power Input Working Environment PowerCommunication Programming Language Software WeightSize
ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4168 MHz100V - 240V AC,50/60 Hz12V ~ 5A DC-5° ~ 45° C60W MaxUSB Virtual Serial Port/Serial Port/BluetoothMicroPythonDobotStudio/DobotLab98 g95 mm x 80 mm x 21.5 mm

Axis Motion

Axis 1- Base Axis 2- Rear Arm Axis 3- Fore Arm Axis 4- End Tools J1-J3 Max speed J4 Max speed
-135° to +135°-5° to +80°-10° to +85°-145° to +145°300°/s200°/s

End Tools

Pen Holder Suction Cup Soft Gripper
Pen Diameter: 8-12 mmBuilt-in air pump drive works under negative pressure, with suction cup diameter of 10mm, 20mmBuilt-in air pump drive works under positive and negative pressure, with maximum opening and closingdistance of 50 mm

Expansion Interface

Power Interface Multi-Functional Communication Interface I/O Interface Stepper Motor Interface 12V Power Interface
2 4PIN, 12V~3A DC2 10PIN, Serial Communication Interface6 Green Terminal, 4PIN, 3.3V/5V-IO, 5V 1A-VCC, Multi-Function Multiplexing Interface, User-Defined I/O, AD, PWM Output, I2C, etc2 Yellow Terminal, 4PIN, 2-Phase Stepper Motor, 16 Subdivision, 12V 1A2 Red Terminal, 2PIN, 12V, 3A Max

AI Camera Kit

DimensionsCMOSImage pixels Image Format Data Format Maximum Image Transfer Rate Camera Control White balance Exposure Working Temperature Operating voltage Interface Voice input FeatureCamera working angle Function
50mm*44mm*25mm1/4inch1MYUV/MJPG240*320. 640*480. 1280*7201280*720@30fpsSaturation,Contrast, AcutanceAutoAuto0℃ to +50℃DC 5VUSB2.0Integrated microphoneAll-in-one design, integrated microphone, distortion-free lens0°-135°Face recognition, image recognition, OCR text recognition, speech recognition, etc.


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