Conveyor Belt Kit


Conveyor Belt Kit


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About the conveyor belt kit

The Conveyor Belt Kit is a highly integrated modular component developed by Dobot for practical training. It supports various features includingautomatic material feeding, transportation, inspection and more.
Its high compatibility allows combined usage with a number of robots including the DOBOT MG400, CR series and Magician E6. By combining the use with Collaborative Robot Universal Training Platform and other components, users can benefit from enhanced training results as automation scenes can be easily simulated.


Main Body Dimensions Belt Dimensions Power Input CurrentSpeedAutomatic Loading Material Inspection Incremental Encoder Product certification
583 ±8mm x 115mm x 180 ±5mm583 ±8mm x 55mm x 140 ±5mmDC 24VAbout 1AAbout 40mm/sOperates using linear actuator for 50 mmPhotoelectric sensor, inspection on the presence of material in 0 to 100 mmResolution 1000P/R
Output Signal ABZA/B/Z/ signal phasing
Diameter 40mm
Voltage DC 5V


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