Collaborative Robot Universal Training Platform

Collaborative Robot Universal Training Platform

Short description

Universal platform that supports various robot models

Collaborative Robot Universal Training Platform is a teaching platform for vocational schools and enterprise training which integrates a robots, control system, vision system, conveyor belt and other components. It adopts a modular design and can be combined flexibly and easily for automation simulation, such as object detection, grabbing, handling, palletizing, and assembly, as well as teaching projects such as robot system calibration, trajectory tracking, and communication control, helping students acquire skills related to smart robot systems, and improve practical and innovative capabilities effectively.


1Dobot Robot1Works with DOBOT CR3/E6/MG400Optional
2Vision Kit1Includes Industrial Camera / Prime Lens / Light Source / Camera StandStandard
3Conveyor Belt Kit1Includes Conveyor Belt Module/Feeding Module/Encoder (can be purchased exclusively)Standard
4PLC System Module1Includes Siemens 1200 Series/ HMI Touch ScreenOptional
5Universal Training Platform Mini Vacuum Source1Air Pressure RangeStandard
5Universal Training Platform Function Plate Storage Box1For storing track plate, standard inspection plate and mobile phone model location plate and moreStandard
5Universal Training Platform Guide Assembly Plate1Includes fixed baseStandard
5Universal Training Platform Button Control Box1Inclues the start, stop, reset and emergency stop buttonStandard
5Universal Training Platform LED Status Indicator1Includes buzzer, color changes between red, green and yellowStandard
5Universal Training Platform Electrical Control Box1Inclueds electrical parts (for distribution wiring)Standard
5Universal Training Platform Tool Box1Includes spare parts, workpieces, suction cup, calibration needle and other toolsStandard
5Universal Training Platform Aluminum Base1600 mm * 900 mmStandard

Note: Conveyor Belt Kit can be purchased exclusively, and used together with DOBOT MG400, Magician E6 and the CR Series robotic arms.

Collaborative Robot Universal Training Platform

ModelVoltageFull Load CurrentRated Short Circuit CurrentTotal PowerWeightSizeBox DimensionsMini Vacuum Source
DR-BE-R-17100 ~ 240 AC, 50/60Hz 5A (MG, E6) 10A (CR3)18AMax 500W (MG400, E6) 800W (CR3)30 kg900 mm x 600 mm x 211 mm1118 mm x 718 mm x 275 mmMini Vacuum Source
Power Consumption 20W
Noise 65dB
Dimensions 163 mm x 143 mm x 53 mm

Conveyor Belt Kit

ModelDimenionsVoltageWeightTotal PowerFull Load CurrentOperating LoadEffective Carrying LenghtRated SpeedControl ModeEncoder
DT-BE-R-16583 ± 8 mm x 115 mm x 180 ± mm100 ~ 240V AC / 24V DC5 KGMax 75W3A3 KG400 mm2.25 m/minI/O ControlIncremental Encoder, Resolution Ratio: 1000 P/R, Diameter: θ 40 mm

PLC System Module

ModelWeightVoltageTotal PowerFull Load CurrentSizeHMIPLC
DT-BE-R-153.5 KG24V DCMax 75W3A335 mm x 270 mm x 235 mmScreen Size: 7.0 Inches
Resolution: 800 x 480
CPU: 1212c DC/DC/DC
Working Storage: 75 KB
Loading Storage: 2 MB
High Speed COunter: 4
Integrated I/O: DI x 8, DQ x 6, AI x 2
Extensibility: Signal Board (SB) x 1, Signal Module (SN) x 2, Communicatiin Module (CM) x 3


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