CNC milling machine OPTImill FU 5-600 HSC 24


CNC milling machine OPTImill FU 5-600 HSC 24


Short description

  • Heavy design
  • High productivity
  • Telescopic guideway cover
  • Precision ground, preloaded high-performance ball screws for high rapid traverse speeds
  • Spindle mounted in P5 precision bearings and permanently lubricated
  • High-torque servo drives in all five axes
  • Precision linear guide
  • Heidenhain glass scales – additional measuring system ensures better accuracy
  • High rapid traverse speed of up to 36 m/min
  • C-axis with torque motor for maximum speed and lifecycle accuracy
  • A-axis with worm gear for high torque during tilting processes
  • The portable, electronic handwheel with an acknowledgment button and emergency stop impact switch makes it much easier to run programs
  • Tool changer double-arm gripper with 32 tool spaces in the standard scope of delivery (optionally available with 48 or 60 tool spaces)
  • Coolant device with 380 liters coolant tank with chip flushing system and cleaning gun
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • RJ45 plug connection, USB and power connection 230 V
  • Additional USB interface in the control panel
  • Water circuit cooling unit for the main spindle and main spindle motor
  • Chip conveyor in belt design ensures efficient chip removal
  • Chip carriage
  • Inside spindle cooling 20 bar with an internal tank (suction is required)
  • Heat exchanger
  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Two years Siemens repair service contract included

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Cooling lubricant system
Tank capacity 380 l
Tank capacity external CTS unit 165 l
Dimensions and weights
Length approx. 3015 mm
Width/depth approx. 4440 mm
Height approx. 3000 mm
Weight approx. 9150 kg
Electrical connections
Total rated value 77 kVA
Electrical Data
Supply voltage 400 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Fast motion speed
X axis 36000 mm/min
Y axis 36000 mm/min
Z axis 36000 mm/min
Feed force
Feed force X-axis 10 kN
Feed force Y-axis 10 kN
Feed force Z-axis 10 kN
Feed motor torque
X axis continuous operation S1 20 Nm
Y axis continuous operation S1 20 Nm
Z axis continuous operation S1 20 Nm
Feed speed
Acceleration X, Y, Z axis 7 m/s²
Milling table horizontal
T-groove size 14 mm
T-groove number 7
T-groove spacing 75 mm
Max. load bearing capacity 600 kg
Pneumatic connection
Operating pressure 6 bar
Repetition accuracy ± 0,004 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 0,008 mm
Pump motor chip flushing 0,85 kW
Pump motor chip flushing conveying rate 150 l/min
Pump motor front/left chip flushing 1.08 kW
Pump motor front/left chip flushing delivery rate 150 l/min
Pump motor cleaning gun 0.53 kW
Pump motor cleaning gun delivery rate 58 l/min
Rotary axis
Rotary axis max. permissible torque (S1) 393 Nm
Rotary axis max. permissible torque (S6) 707 Nm
Swivel axis ± 120 °
Rotation axis 360 °
Rotary table diameter 600 mm
Max. speed A axis 16.6 min¯¹
Max. speed C axis 90 min¯¹
Tilting and rotating table
Hydraulic clamping torque swivel axis C (at 50 bar hydraulic pressure) 1200 Nm
Hydraulic clamping torque swivel axis A (at 50 bar hydraulic pressure) 2900 Nm
X axis automatic 600 mm
Y axis automatic 600 mm
Z axis automatic 500 mm
Number of tool slots 32 Tools
Max. tool diameter adjacent slots free 120 mm
Max. tool diameter 78 mm
Max. tool length 300 mm
Max. tool weight 7 kg
Tool change time chip to chip (C to C) 9.33 s
Vertical spindle
Spindle chuck HSK 63 DIN 69893
Speed range 24000 min¯¹
Drive motor output continuous operation S1 25 kW
Drive motor output S6-30 % operation 35 kW
Torque drive motor continuous operation S1 32 Nm
Torque drive motor S6-30 % operation 39 Nm


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