CNC milling machine OPTImill F 105 Sinumerik 808D ADVANCED


CNC milling machine OPTImill F 105 Sinumerik 808D ADVANCED


Short description

  • Robust design
  • Carousel tool changer with 12 tool slots
  • All linear guides with stainless steel covers
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • Siemens main spindle motor
  • Servo drive from SIEMENS in all axes (closed loop)
  • Max. Spindle speed 10,000 rpm
  • Machine lamp in working area
  • Portable, electronic handwheel with enabling button and emergency stop percussion switch. Facilitates the retraction of programs considerably
  • Coolant system with 120 liters coolant tank
  • Tool change is automatic or by push of a button (electro-pneumatic tool clamping device)
  • Massive, exact milling table, large dimensioned and Precise surface finish
  • Access doors are very generously designed to reduce cleaning and maintenance time to a minimum.
  • Software package “SINUMERIK 808D on PC” included. (Practical training software that allows workpieces to be programmed and simulated offline on the PC.) Software can be downloaded free of charge from

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Cooling lubricant system
Coolant pump(s) drive power 650 W
Tank capacity 120 l
Dimensions and weights
Length approx. 2164 mm
Width/depth approx. 1860 mm
Height approx. 2200 mm
Weight approx. 2800 kg
Drilling/milling output
Max. size milling head 70 mm
Max. size shaft milling cutter 35 mm
Electrical connections
Total rated value 15 kVA
Electrical Data
Supply voltage 400 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Fast motion speed
X axis 15000 mm/min
Y axis 15000 mm/min
Z axis 15000 mm/min
Feed motor torque
X axis continuous operation S1 8 Nm
Y axis continuous operation S1 8 Nm
Z axis continuous operation S1 11 Nm
Milling table horizontal
Table length 800 mm
Table width 320 mm
Min. clearance vertical spindle – milling table 100 mm
Max. clearance vertical spindle – milling table 600 mm
T-groove size 14 mm
T-groove number 3
T-groove spacing 100 mm
Max. load bearing capacity 300 kg
Pneumatic connection
Operating pressure 7 bar
Repetition accuracy ± 0,008 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 0,008 mm
X axis automatic 550 mm
Y axis automatic 305 mm
Z axis automatic 460 mm
Design carousel
Number of tool slots 12 Tools
Max. tool diameter 70 mm
Max. tool length 300 mm
Max. tool weight 6 kg
Tool change time tool to tool (T to T) 7 s
Vertical spindle
Spindle chuck BT 40
Speed range 10 – 10000 min¯¹
Drive motor output continuous operation S1 7,5 kW
Drive motor output S6-30 % operation 11 kW
Torque drive motor continuous operation S1 48 Nm
Torque drive motor S6-30 % operation 70 Nm


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