CNC flatbed turning machine OPTIturn L 34HS Sinumerik 808D ADVANCED


CNC flatbed turning machine OPTIturn L 34HS Sinumerik 808D ADVANCED


Short description

  • Precise processing
  • Spindle and feed motors from Siemens
  • Braced machine bed made of gray cast iron
  • Maintenance-friendly protective housing
  • Ground ball screw spindles
  • Elaborate spindle bearings
  • Linear guidance in both axes
  • Emergency stop impact switch
  • Central lubrication
  • Rear Access flap for maintenance
  • Safety switch on the front sliding door
  • The turning turret is located behind the turning center (left turning tool)

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Cooling lubricant system
Coolant pump output 95 W
Tank capacity 75 l
Dimensions and weights
Length approx. 1950 mm
Width/depth approx. 1475 mm
Height approx. 1956 mm
Weight approx. 1200 kg
Electrical connections
Total rated value 6.5 kVA
Electrical Data
Supply voltage 400 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Feed speed
X axis 6000 mm/min
Z axis 8000 mm/min
Motor torque
X axis 4 Nm
Z axis 6 Nm
Drive motor torque 23.6 Nm
Torque at the spindle 40 Nm
Repetition accuracy ± 0.01 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 0.01 mm
Speed range
Speed range 30 – 3500 min¯¹
Spindle chuck ISO 702-1 No. 4 – A2
Spindle bore/rod passage diameter 46 mm
Chuck MK 3
Quill stroke 120 mm
Quill diameter 45 mm
Travel X axis 185 mm
Travel Z axis 540 mm
Type electrical
Number of tool slots 6 St
Max. chuck height, width square 16 x 16 mm
Max. chuck diameter drilling rod 16 mm
Work areas
Lathe chuck diameter 160 mm
Max. height 165 mm
Max. width 600 mm
Swing diameter above machine bed 350 mm
Swing diameter above planing slide 146 mm
Bed width 208 mm


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