Welcome to digiOPTIMA

digiOPTIMA MB is a growing robotics and IIoT startup in Lithuania. An experienced team of successful metalworking businesses who can open doors and make growth opportunities. We are focused on robotics and digitalisation product creation and development for the OEM and other industries that can deliver value increase within 3-5 years.

Our products

DIGIOPTIMA is an everyday tool for all in-house participants in manufacturing chain in the factory. It’s a necessity within an everyday growing competition and ensures smooth manufacturing operations. 


 Advantages of Monitoring sistem digiOPTIMA:

 Ability to see workplace efficiency in real time;

• Ability to store production process data to your database;

• Ability to see and compare production parameters in real time;

• Ability to follow orders process and state in real time;

• Ability to monitor every individual machines state;

• Ability to see if there were any accidents with the machine;

• Get instant feedback on critical machinery and production environment parameters (parts created, production time, downtime, scraps, rejects, etc.) and if they are within specified limits;

• Identify and schedule optimal machinery maintenance to avoid tool breaks and underperforming parts processing;

• Get deep insights into production process, resources flow, occurring obstacles, production bottlenecks, etc.;

• Improve overall productivity, efficiency and quality using facts-based data from production environment.

Advantages of digiOPTIMA Robocell:

Robocell provides:

• Matrix like table for workpieces and finished parts;

• Robotic arm to put workpieces into CNC milling machine and take out finished parts;

• Specific equipment that allows robotic arm and CNC milling machine integration;

• Software to control overall process.

The usage of Robocell provides:

• Process workpieces in small batches without human intervention;

• Work for up to 4 hours without interruption;

• Be adapted for a new workpiece in just 15 minutes;

• Support replacement of single workpieces up to 8 kg.